Coordinates: Lat 37° 42' N; Long 24° 4' E
Admirality Chart: 1571
Time Zone: GMT +2 h

Principal Facilities:
Airport, Bunkers, Dry Bulk, General Cargo, Other Liquid Bulk, Petroleum, Towage

Anchorage depth: 12.5m - 13.7m
Cargo pier depth: 4.9m - 6.1m
Oil terminal depth: 4.9m - 6.1m
Dry dock: N/A
Harbor size: Very Small
Railway size: N/A
Harbor type: Coastal Breakwater
Max size: Up to 500 feet in length
Repairs: Limited
Shelter: Fair
Coordinates: 37°42′0.00″N 24°4′0.00″E

Dirict Link to Lavrion Port Authority: http://www.oll.gr/